We are Kyle & Michelle Shore , in 2020 we quit our jobs and hit the road to travel fulltime in our 28ft travel trailer with our 4 amazing cats. These are our adventures.

Our Top Five Tips for Newbie Gate Guards | Texas-Sized Bad Weather & RV Damage

In this week's episode: Are you planning to embark on the journey of gate guarding in Texas? Then this video is your ultimate survival guide! Join us as we dive into the top 5 essential tips for newbie gate guards and learn how to weather the storm - quite literally - when facing the unpredictable Texas weather that can wreak havoc on your RV

RV Life: Clips From The Cutting Room Floor | A Whole Lot of Randomness | Special Edition Video

We are excited to share with all of you some of those clips that "never made the cut". Over the past four years, we have kept a folder of unpublished videos for a moment like today. We hope you enjoy this week's video, be warned it's a whole lot of randomness but we hope you will be entertained by seeing those clips that just never fit the long-form video at that time.

Gate Guarding In Texas | Working Our First Job | How Much Money Can You Really Make | Big Update

Welcome back to our Gate Guarding series in the heart of Texas! In Episode 3 of the series, we have finally found our first job and take you along with us as Kyle adjusts to the 12-hour work schedule. We will delve into the nitty-gritty details of earnings and gain valuable insights into the lucrative world of gate guarding. Be sure to hang around until the end we have a big update on our future here in the Texas oil industry.

RV Life | Gate Guarding in Texas | Scrambling To Find Another Job | Some Good, Some Bad Some Ironic

Last week in part one we took you along as we shared our experience with becoming gate guards for the oil industry in Texas. You watched along as we worked the process and were there when we got the rug pulled out from under us as our job was given away. This week we take you along in part two as we scramble to try to find other options and you won't want to miss the call we receive from a familiar voice.

Cheap Camping | Franklin Mountain State Park Campsite Review | El Paso Texas

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Franklin Mountain State Park's campsites in El Paso, Texas! Nestled within the rugged beauty of the Franklin Mountains, this state park offers an unforgettable camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

In this video, we take you on a virtual tour of the campsites, showcasing their amenities, surroundings, and overall ambiance. From serene desert landscapes to breathtaking mountain vistas, Franklin Mountain State Park provides a stunning backdrop for your outdoor adventures.

RV Life | Gate Guarding in Texas | Our First Timers Experience | The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Truths

Are you a couple traveling in an RV seeking an exciting method to earn more than $200 daily? Join us in this multi-episode series as we embark on a journey through the lucrative oil field gate-guarding industry in Texas.

In the initial episode, we explore the origin of the idea, the process of obtaining licenses, and additional essential details. We share tips on finding reputable companies and steering clear of potential obstacles. From overcoming hurdles to providing a detailed walkthrough, we reveal both the advantages and drawbacks of this unique opportunity.

RV Life | Saying Goodbye | Challenging Travel Days | East Bound and Down | Texas Here We Come

The time has finally arrived. This week we say goodbye to many of our road friends that we have been camped with for the last several months in California & Arizona. It is time for us to head East and as you will see our travel days are not without challenges.

RV Life | Celebrating Community | Latest Upgrade (for the cats) | Final Chapter of Our Winter Story

This week we take you along on our last few days in Arizona at the Imperial Dam LTVA. While preparing to leave in the next week we get a visit from some good friends we have not seen in almost two years. Then after #failing multiple times, we finally got a project right. You won't want to miss our latest upgrade that has our cat's paw of approval. Finally, we say goodbye to many of our #roadfriends as we all start to go our separate ways.

ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station & 200w Panel Review: Portable Power Solution for Outdoor Adventures

Welcome to We Review Wednesday. This week we have a comprehensive review of the Allpowers R600 Power Station! In this video, we dive deep into the features, performance, and practicality of this portable power solution, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and emergency preparedness.

RV Life | Imperial Dam LTVA Here We Come | RV Lock Upgrade | Heading to Mexico for Optical | Yuma AZ

Welcome back to our RV LIFE! In this episode, join us as we return to the Imperial Dam Long-Term Visitor Area (LTVA) in Yuma, Arizona. We're thrilled to share this amazing winter destination with several friends and host a #rvlife community potluck dinner. This week we'll showcase our latest RV lock upgrade as we replace the notoriously badly designed number sticker. We'll take you along as we explore the stunning landscapes and endless recreational opportunities at Imperial Dam LTVA with our friends what turns out to be a much more challenging mountain bike adventure. But that's not all! We're also gearing up for a special excursion across the border to Mexico for an optical adventure.

RV Life | Essential RV Maintenance: Upgrading New Axles for the Third Time | The Real Cost of RVing

Welcome to our channel dedicated to all things #rvlife . In this video, we delve into the importance of essential RV maintenance, focusing on the realities of three-plus years of full-time nomadic living. Whether you're a seasoned RVer or just starting your journey, maintaining your RV is crucial for optimal performance on the road.

Join us as we share our latest experience with our third set of axles on our 28ft travel trailer. Additionally, we are excited to share with you a few of our RV maintenance clips that we have filmed over the last year that until today have not made it to video.

RV Life | Our Journey to Quartzite, Arizona 2024 | Big Tent RV Show | Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Welcome to our journey to Quartzite, Arizona in 2024! Join us as we dive into the much-anticipated Big Tent RV Show and explore whether it lives up to all the hype. From the excitement of RV life to the bustling atmosphere of the show, we'll take you along on our adventure and provide an honest assessment of our experience.

Xscapers Bash 2023- Lake Havasu, AZ. | Let's Get Weird | From High School to The Walking Dead & More

So this week we are excited to share with you our latest episode. Welcome to Xscapers Bash 2024. Picture this, 350 rigs, and 700+ people meet in Lake Havasu, Arizona for a week-long experience filled with seminars, activities, music, and more. This was our second Xscapers Bash and we had a chance to meet some amazing new friends and get to catch up with lots of our road friends. We get a chance to hang out with some of our favorite YouTubers as we experience "The Bash".

RV Life | Our Travel Day Turns Expensive | How We Spent $2500+ In A Couple Hours

Buckle up as we take you along on our RV journey from moochdocking outside of Phoenix to Quartzite. The open road is full of surprises, and this travel day was no exception. Little did we know, we'd encounter unexpected expenses that would quickly add up to more than $2500! 😲

RV Life Unplugged: Michelle's Sedona Travel Diary | Spending The Holidays Apart | 2 Lives & 2 States

This week Michelle tries her hand at adventure planning for the first time. Watch and see how things turn out as she and her parents head to Sedona, Arizona. Meanwhile, Kyle takes you along as he spends time with friends and family back in Ohio.

RV Life | Back Home After 3+ Years | What Did Our Friends Really Think | #ClevelandRocks

After over three years on the road, Kyle returns home just in time for the holidays. This week we take you from the sun and warm temperatures in Phoenix to the clouds and snow in Cleveland. Have you ever wondered what our friends thought about us quitting our jobs 3 years ago to travel the country in an RV, this week we get a chance to ask some of them as Kyle returns to Ohio to visit.

RV Life | What Brings Michelle To Tears? | Special Holiday Visitors | Adventures Around Phoenix

After some extra time in the Yuma dealing with family health scares, we are back out on the road and headed "East". In this episode, we take you along as we hide from the local Homeowners Association on some friend's property. We explore a few local attractions and you won't want to see what brings Michelle to tears.

RV Life- Sometimes Life Throws You Curve Balls | We Needed A Break | Family First

This was one of those times when we needed a break from living our lives in front of the camera. Life can sometimes throw you a curveball but we were once again reminded of why we love this lifestyle and the people we have met along the way. We love our community and after taking a little time off we are back to share what has been going on with us for the past several weeks.

Free Camping- Our Top Six SECRET Spots near National Parks | Never Before Released Details

As you know we have been traveling for over 3 years and have found some of the most amazing free camping around the country, BUT this week we have a special video for you. In this episode, we share with you our TOP 6 free camping locations that we have never shared before. As an added bonus all of these locations are just minutes away from many of the country's greatest National Parks.

RV Life: Our Winter Home | 90+ Degrees & No A/C | Solar Upgrades | Dumpster Diving for Treasures

RV Life can have its ups and downs. This week we take you along as we arrive at Vulture Peak Dispersed Campsite outside Wickenburg, AZ to meet up with our friends over at @AmputeeAdventureChannel . After a short stay, we make our final drive to our winter spot at Imperial Dam LTVA. We find out quickly that we may have arrived a few weeks too early. You won't want to miss the treasures Kyle finds in the dumpster....

Cheap Camping- Vulture Peak Dispersed Campsite Review | Wickenburg, Arizona | State Trust Land

Check out these amazing almost free campsites near Wickenburg Arizona. These sites are located on Arizona Land Trust property so therefore, they require an annual permit ($15-$20 per year). In this video, Kyle reviews several of the dispersed campsites in the Vulture Peak Dispersed Camping Area as well as detail internet, laundry, grocery and dump station services.

RV Life: Are We "Officially" SNOWBIRDS? Heading South for the Winter

This week we take you along as we say goodbye to our friends and head out of the Payson, Arizona area to start our migration southward for the winter. But, before we go we get a surprise new neighbor. If you are on the road long enough you will know that some travel days are better than others. You won't want to miss how this one goes..

RV Life | Our Hardest Hike EVER | Hiking Sitgreaves National Forest | Unexpected Guests

After five months in Colorado, we return to Arizona and take you along as we hunt for a campsite in the Sitgreaves National Forest. We are excited to welcome some friends for a visit and we head out to hike some of the nearby trails. As you will see these adventures do not go as planned, from calls to 911, locked gates, and underestimating the difficulty of these trails we share the good and BAD.

Free Camping: Payson, Arizona | Sitgreaves National Forest | FR 9350 Dispersed Camping Review

Check out these amazing free campsites near Payson Arizona in the Sitgreaves National Forest. Sitting around 7600ft of elevation it is the perfect escape from the Arizona heat. In this video, I review several of the free dispersed campsites in the Forest Road 9350 Dispersed Camping Area.

RV Life | Great Sand Dunes | Zapata Falls | Travel Day Challenges

We are excited to explore our 37th National Park this week. We head into Great Sand Dunes National Park to hike the Mosca Pass Trail and play in the sand. You never know what you will find along the trail and this week we find some of the remains of what was likely a violent ending. Join us as we try to find Zapata Falls and then hike the San Luis Lake Trail. Finally, after two weeks at this great campground, we head off for a very long two days of travel.

RV Life | Full-Time RV Travel with Four Cats | Our Travel Day Process

After over three years of full-time travel, we thought we would share our process. We walk you through our responsibilities and what it is like to travel with four cats.

RV LIFE | Exploring Crested Butte | Ups & Downs of Full-time Life | MTB The 401 | Black Tank Fail

This week we take you along during our second week in Crested Butte, Colorado. We share both the UPs and DOWNs of #rvlife. Kyle rides the epic 401 mountain biking trail. Michelle is disappointed as she heads into town to enjoy some sweet treats and finally, travel days are not always easy. This week Kyle ends up taking a black tank bath and then we run into some "trouble" at our next destination.

RV Life | Crested Butte, CO | Bad Weather | RV Upgrade | Hike & Bike Painter Boy | Autumn Adventures

This week we take you to one of our favorite Colorado towns. Crested Butte is most known for their amazing skiing in the winter. However, get ready for an adventure like no other! Our latest video takes you on an unforgettable journey through the stunning fall landscapes, hikes, and rides. Join us as we explore the magic of RV life in this picturesque mountain town.

Free Camping Crested Butte, Colorado | Washington Gulch & Slate River Dispersed Campsites

In this video, we review several of the free camping locations outside Crested Butte, Colorado. We will take you on a review of Washington Gulch and Slate River dispersed camping areas. There is a 14-day stay limit at all of these sites. We also recap where you can find potable water, dump trash as well and cell phone coverage at these locations..

Free Camping Steamboat Springs, Colorado | Rabbit Ears East & West | Walton Peak Dispersed Campsites

In this video, we review several of the free camping locations east of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We will take you on a review of Rabbit Ears West and East as well as Walton Peak dispersed camping areas. These sites are in the Medicine Bow / Routt National Forest and there is a 14-day stay limit. We also recap where you can find potable water, dump trash as well as cell phone coverage at these locations.

RV Life | Travel Day Fails | Forced to Move AGAIN | Our First Visit to Steamboat Springs

This week we head to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the very first time. As you will see we face a difficult travel day followed by a very challenging campsite. After exploring some of what this mountain town has to offer we are forced to move campsites unexpectedly.

Life on Wheels with Four Cats: Journey of The Wandering Shores' Big Leap into Full-Time RVing

We had a chance to sit down for our very first podcast interview.to discuss a range of topics with Stuart from the rvdreaming.tv podcast. We hope you enjoy our discussion.

rvdreaming.tv podcast description

Join us in this riveting episode as we sit down with Kyle and Michelle from The Wandering Shores. Traveling in their distinctive front-end toy hauler trailer accompanied by their four feline companions, this duo has a story that’s anything but ordinary.

RV Life | Our Most Remote Location Yet | The Things We Find Along The Trail | Camping With Friends

We are excited to share the most remote camping spot we have ever been to. We hit several of the local trails and ran into some very unexpected "things" along the trail. You won't want to miss some of the excitement as we hang out with our friends Reagan and Coral and @theaustinstravel . After almost three years on the road did Michelle finally take the polar plunge? Oh yeah, and you will see the new "service" offered by @thewanderingshores .

Free Camping- Rawah National Forest | Our Most Remote Spot Yet Near Bellevue, Colorado

In this video, we review Laramie River Road Dispersed Camping (Mill Creek Dispersed on Campendium) sites near Bellevue, Colorado. Are you looking for some fantastic FREE CAMPING around this amazing remote Colorado town? Along the Laramie River Road Dispersed Camping area there is a 14-day stay limit. We made a video that will provide you with several of the locations that we found to be "big rig" friendly. As an added BONUS we show you a few other locations in the area that allow free camping.

Discovering Leadville, Colorado: New Job? | Boom Days, Hiking & Biking Trails and Life on the Road

Welcome to the highest town in the United States, Leadville, Colorado. This week we invite you to join us as we explore all the adventures around this wonderful mountain town. We set out on the Mayflower Gulch trail to see if we can hike to our first 12k peak. We explore the annual Boom Days festival and we take a shot at a new service offered by The Wandering Shores.

Creede Colorado -Part 2 | Bachelor Loop Scenic Drive | Last Chance Mine | Miners Creek Trail & More

This is PART TWO of our adventures in the Creede Colorado Area. We will take you with us as we explore the Bachelor Loop Scenic Drive. We stop off and explore the Last Chance Mine as well as the Creede Mining Museum. A group of us head down to a VERY Special annual event in downtown Creede that involves a unique race. Last but not least see what has Michelle walking back to the camper from downtown Creede.......

Creede, Colorado | Did We Do Something CRAZY? | Don't Always Believe AllTrails | Exploring Lake City

This is PART ONE of our adventures in the Creede Colorado Area. We will take you on what we thought was going to be a simple little hike to visit a Yurt, but we find out that you can't always believe what you read on alltrails.com. We visit Lake City, Colorado, and "stumble" into an opportunity that the group may not be able to pass up.

RV Life: Xscapers July 4th Convergence | Salida, CO | Life After The Chris Mnt. Fire | Community

In this video, we explore how you can find your tribe and community while full-time RV Living. Have you ever wondered if it's possible to have a deep and lasting community while traveling full-time in an RV? Can you find the friends you are looking for? We think you can and want to show you one way we have found to make friends while full-time RV living.

Free Camping In Leadville Colorado: Buckeye Gulch Dispersed Plus Bonus Locations

In this video, we review Buckeye Gulch Dispersed Camping sites near Leadville, Colorado. Are you looking for some fantastic FREE CAMPING around this amazing mountain mining town? Buckeye Gulch is on Bureau of Land Management property (BLM) there is a 14-day stay limit. We made a video that will provide you with several of the locations that we found to be "big rig" friendly but there are likely over 8 or more in the area. As an added BONUS we show you a few other locations in the area that allow free camping.

RV Life: Pagosa Springs, Colorado | RV & Trail Safety- Byrna SD | Piedra Ice Cave Trail & More

How do we keep safe on the trail and in our home on wheels? This week we take you back to Pagosa Springs, Colorado (before the forest fire that forced us to leave) and we hike the Piedra Ice Cave Fissures Trail, Piedra River Trail and the Quakie-Turkey Springs Loop then head to town for a dip in the Hippy Dippy Hotsprings. We share with you some of the steps we take to stay safe while on the road and out adventuring. Meet the Byrna SD.

RV Life is Real Life | Greasing Wheel Bearings | Accumulator Tank | Getting Mail On The Road & MORE

Durango Colorado- RV Life is really just real life while living in an RV. This week we take you with us on a fun hike with friends in Mesa Verde National Park. Kyle works his way down a checklist of RV-related projects. We always seem to have something to work on. This week we take you along as we grease the wheel bearings, change the generator oil, install a pressurized water accumulator tank and let you know what we do to get mail while we are on the road.

Kicked Out Twice In Five Day | Chris Mountain Wild Fire & More | Full-Time RV Life

Pagosa Springs, Colorado- There is a first time for everything, and in this episode that is unfortunately true two times in five days. We can't wait to show you our amazing boondocking site in the San Juan National Forest, which may have ended up being one of our TOP locations if we had not run into a few "issues". Have you ever looked back on a situation and asked yourself "what was I thinking" that's exactly what Kyle asked himself as he sprinted out of the RV in flip-flops to chase a bear. Enjoy a few days as The Wandering Shores

Free Camping: Creede, Colorado | Bachelor Rd (FS 504) Dispersed Camping Review | Creede Dispersed

Are you looking for some fantastic FREE CAMPING around one of Colorado's amazing mountain mining towns? It does not get any better than this location. This week we review Bachelor Rd (FS 504) Dispersed Camping (Campendium- Creede Dispsersed) sites near Creede, Colorado. We also have some bonus footage in this week's campsite review thanks to our friend Biscuit. See if you can figure it out.

We Never Wanted to be "Those People"- Exploring Silverton & Ouray, Colorado | Million Dollar Highway

This week we take a day trip to two of the most scenic mountain towns in Southwest Colorado. Along with our friends Shaun, Lauren and Aiden ( @theaustinstravel ) we explore Silverton and Ouray Colorado and for the first time drive the Million Dollar Highway. As you will see there is a lot to see and do in both of these mountain towns and make sure you stay around to the end to find out if Michelle ends up sleeping in the garage....

Free Camping: Pagosa Springs, Colorado | Turkey Springs Dispersed Camping Review

In this video, we comprehensively review Turkey Springs Dispersed Camping ) sites near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. If you are looking for some fantastic FREE CAMPING around some amazing FREE Hot Springs as well as the mountain town of Pagosa this might be the perfect spot for you. All locations are located in the San Juan National Forest and there is a 14-day stay limit. We made a video that will provide you with several of the locations that we found to be "big rig" friendly but there are likely over 10-15 or more in the area.

RV Life- Exploring Cortez, Colorado. A Trip to Phil's World Mountain Biking Ends with Missing Bikes

This is our second time in the Cortez Colorado area and we were excited to head back to one of your favorite mountain bike trails (Phil's World). We run into unexpected obstacles as we head to the trails. After a long day of riding, we head into town and as we head home something's MISSING

Rotating the Lippert Tongue Jack | Full Access to Truck Tailgate While Towing | Full Time RV Living

After recently replacing our Lippert Tongue Jack we are back in the situation that many travel trailer owners have and that is that you can't open your truck tailgate due to the head of the tongue jack. So we removed the jack head, drilled and tapped the two holes on the side, and then reinstalled the head. Works like a charm and we're now able to put the tailgate down!

RV Life - Three States in Five Hours | Our Travel Day Adventure from Arizona to Colorado

Welcome to another exciting travel day on our epic RV adventure! Today, we're leaving the charming town of Greer, Arizona, and embarking on a scenic journey to the breathtaking destination of Durango, Colorado. Our adventure begins as we hit the road, leaving behind the peaceful serenity of Greer. As we drive along the winding mountain roads, we're immediately greeted by stunning vistas of lush green forests, towering peaks, and crystal-clear streams. We are excited to be meeting up with some friends many of you will recognize from our time in around Yuma, Arizona this past winter.

Why We Love It And How It Could Save Your Marriage: The BT7 Backup/Observation Camera From Haloview

After 3 years on the road and using a makeshift camera that we learned about from Mortons On The Move using an old cellphone. It was time to try something new. We had been having connection issues over the last few drive days and in perfect timing Haloview reached out to us to see if we wanted to try their BT7 camera system. This is how we installed a backup camera on our RV. We unbox, install and review the Haloview BT7 1080p Observation Camera System.

Free Camping Near Mesa Verde National Park & Durango, Colorado-Madden Peak Dispersed Camping Review

In this video, we provide a comprehensive review of Madden Peak Dispersed Camping ) sites near Mancos, Colorado. If you are looking for some amazing FREE CAMPING around Mesa Verde National Park as well as the mountain town of Durango this just might be the perfect spot for you. All locations are located in the San Juan National Forest and there is a 14-day stay limit. We found during our research of this area that few, if any of the traditional camping websites (www.campendium.com or www.freecampsites.net) had any thorough reviews/tours. Therefore we made a video that will provide you with several of the locations that we found to be "big rig" friendly but there are likely over 20 or more in the area.

Free Camping: Greer Arizona | FR 112 | Badger Creek | Fish Creek & More

Check out these amazing free campsites near Greer Arizona. Sitting around 9000ft of elevation it is the perfect escape from the Arizona heat. In this video, I review several of the free dispersed camping areas around Greer in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.

RV Life: Unexpected Detours & Breathtaking Arizona Discoveries | Greer Arizona | Thompson Trail

Just when you think you know where you are headed next you get a call from your friends and before you know it everything has changed. This week we head to a higher elevation in Greer, Arizona. Wait until you see the free campsite we found in the Apache-Sitsgreave National Forest. We head out on an adventure to hike Thompson Trail. This is a must-do if you are in the area.

RV Life: The End Is Here and We Won't Shed a Tear. Replacing our Absorption Fridge w/ a Residental

After almost 2 months of dealing with our Dometic refrigerator not working correctly, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Join us as we welcome a new compressor-style all-electric Haier Refrigerator into our full-time RV life. Don't forget to stay till the closing credits as you will see the greatest "blooper" clip of all time.

Free Camping- Tombstone Arizona in the Coronado National Forest: Forest Road 687

Check out this amazing free campsite at the base of the Dragoon Mountains in the Coronado National Forest, just outside of Tombstone, Arizona! If you are looking to explore Tombstone, Bisbee, and the surrounding areas then this "MIGHT" be the spot for you. As you will see in our review this is an amazing location but has a LONG and BUMPY drawback.

RV Life: Our Rookie Mistake After 3 Years On The Road, Unique Camping Locations & Crazy Hiking Trail

This week we head out to hike the Cave Creek Canyon Trail and quickly find out why it is rated difficult on All Trails. Our time is up at Empire Ranch BLM so we take you along on our travel day where you will see us make a rookie mistake and in a location you will hardly ever see us.

RV Life: Go BIG or Go Home --- Our 2023 Travel Trailer Renovation

After almost 3 years of living in our 28ft travel trailer, we decided it was time to make a few changes. We are excited to share with you our updates and we saved the "biggest" item for last. No rig will ever be perfect but after our latest updates, we think we have come as close to almost perfect for us. Hope you enjoy what we have done with our latest renovation.


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