Adventures In Oregon- From Mount Hood to Roloff Farms

10/3/20212 min read

What a fun experience at our first Escapee Hangout on the coast of Oregon. This was held at a local RV Park in Garivaldi with a fullhook site which was a huge change for us. Besides hanging out with other RVers we stayed busy with excursions included spending an afternoon at the Tillamook Air Museum, the Garibaldi Maritime Museum, hiking the Cape Meares Viewpoint and Octopus Tree Loop, and hiking at Oswald State Park. We couldn't believe we started the week not knowing anyone, to being able to say, "See ya' on the road" to many of these people. We will definitely participate in another hangout in the future.

We went on an early morning hike to see Ramona Falls. The trail was well-maintained. It was a pretty trail with some bridges along the way. There was one river crossing that is part of the trail. Of course, Michelle was worried about getting her feet wet, but as it turned out there were some logs already placed across the river for us to walk on. I'm sure at a different point in the year, that would not be the case as the water would be much greater and you would have to walk through it.

Ramona Falls was a stunning sight to see. It was the perfect place to rest, take pictures, and eat our lunch. We knew the way back would be a tad bit easier because we would be hiking down the mountain. This was a 'lollipop' trail. That means you hike to the waterfall one way and return a different way. We like these the best because you get to see different views on the way back.

Our next destination is one that we've been waiting for! We headed to Helvetia, Oregon to visit Roloff Farm! We camped at L.L. Stub Steward State Park which is located about 35 minutes away from there. We are the Roloff's BIGGEST FANS! The Roloff's are very famous for their show on TLC called, Little People, Big World. Kyle made our reservations for 10 am. We arrived at 9:30, the 6th car to arrive, and we were put in a holding lot until they opened. We were told since it was opening day the filming crew was here so we signed a waiver to let them know we were OK with possibly being shown on their show! The first Roloff we were greeted by was Matt as he greeted each of the cars that drove past him. We said hello to him like we were lifelong friends.

Kyle and I couldn't wait to enter and start walking on the grounds that we've seen on TV all these years. Masks were required of the unvaccinated and the staff wore masks to protect themselves. We opted to wear our masks, too. It was a beautiful day with a fall chill in the air. As we made our way along, the second Roloff we saw was Jacob! Kyle mentioned how much he like Jacob's Youtube channel while it was on. A little later we saw Jacob's wife on the tractor tour. Then we saw her . . .Amy Roloff!! She dresses in a costume each year and this year she was a cheerleader. She was so nice and is just the way she is on her show! We could've talked to her all day long. Her husband, Chris, wasn't on the farm and he wouldn't be until later she told us. We didn't get to meet Zac or Tori either as they were dealing with house things.

It was really neat to see the special places on the farm, like the firepit where so many family gatherings happened, the white gazebo that was built for their mom for Mother's Day, and the wedding barn thathas been a focal point in many of the family weddings.

Kyle bought some salsa that Amy Roloff makes and sells and he also bought some pumpkin butter. We ended our day with some sweet treats of funnel cake and an apple cider slushy. When we left, we saw Matt Roloff so we told him goodbye and that we love his show and his farm.