Escapees 60th Annual Escapade (July 16-23, 2021)

7/24/20212 min read

Kyle and I were very excited to attend our first Escapee's rally in Rocksprings, Wyoming the 60th Annual Escapade

This was a week long RV rally in July 2021. This event took us to the amazing state of Wyoming for the very first time. We will be back to explore the rest of the state in the near future. The event was held at the Sweetwater Events Complex. We arrived two days early and we were very pleased with the parking accommodations. They had parking sites for dry camping as well as full hookup (water, sewer electric). We chose to dry camp so we were parked in a large parking lot with the other dry campers. We were very impressed with the organization of the parking staff. They directed us where to park and guided us into our spot. (I sure was glad because we all know how it is when you are backing up a camper!)

Through our 10 months on the road we have found that RVers are some of the most welcoming and friendly people around the country. This event turned out to be just that, We were parked by another couple, Frank and Lynn and by the end of the week were close friends (see photo of the crew below). We enjoyed spending time with them at the different events. Kyle and Frank had a lot in common and Lynn and I would enjoy taking morning walks around the fairgrounds during the week. We plan on visiting them when we travel to California.

The whole point of attending this rally was to learn more about the RV lifestyle from professionals and experienced RVers. During the week, we attended seminars, socials, and evening entertainment. RV Country was set up with lots of RV's to walk through and they even sold some throughout the week. We walked through a few of the RV's and fell in love with an Alliance Paradigm fifth wheel. In reality, it was much too big for us, much too expensive and besides, we are still loving our Outback 240URS!

The seminars were very beneficial. Some of the seminars we attended were: How to take more appealing pictures from your phone, Geocaching for Beginners, Remote Work Options, Full Time RVers Panel Discussion, Personal Safety, RV Plumbing, RV Refrigerator Safety, Harvesting Sugar Beets-short term work opportunity, Boondocking 101, and Apps for RVers. We also had an opportunity to have both our truck and RV weighed per wheel to give us a better understanding of weight distribution throughout both of them.

There were opportunities each night for socialization. RV Country held a happy hour each afternoon at 4 and had plenty of snacks and drinks. There was even nightly entertainment that included a magician, a band, and a talent show. (No, I didn't enter the talent show!) and what event would be complete without the vendors! We only purchased one item, but the vendors were very informative.

Kyle had a chance to explore Insty Connect. They have a YouTube channel (We Can Explore It) that we've been following for quite some time.This Escapades Rally was a wonderful experience and we are glad we did it. We are already looking into other types of gatherings they have to offer. But for now it's time to begin our 3-day, 1,000 mile trek to Port Angeles, WA.